Uniprojecten website

Mediator for logistics



The client

Uniprojects is a company who specialises in the recruitment of flexible self-employed workers within the “Green” and “Logistics” sectors.

The goal

The goal of this website was to create a simple overview for what they are offering and why people should choose their company. The website also needed to show their current open positions within those sectors.



The result is a clean, easy to understand website with an own identity. The owner specifically wanted it to be visual. That’s why I choose to put a drone video on top of the Home page. This creates a wow factor and also shows the area where they are most active. I also used their own photography to create a authentic feeling.

Workers page

This is the page where companies can see what kind of self-employed workers Uniprojecten offers. I’ve made this whole page dynamic, which means that behind every item there is another page where they can go to.

Recruitment detail page

The actual page that highlights the actual recruitment details. On this page workers can see what Uniprojecten can offer them and companies can see what kind of workers Uniprojecten accepts. 2 flies in 1 hit on a page.

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The old website had missing pages, an old design and old content. Peter wanted something fresh that could last for a few years. More visuals and less text. Because in what other way can you capture the beauty of Africa better than in pictures?
Annemarie’s first website was old, not secure, not viewable on mobile and very hard to make changes to. She needed to go into the code files herself to change the text on the website, so this needed to change. We also took this opportunity to redesign the website and give it a clean and relaxing look.