More Of Africa

Handpicked Trips in Africa



The client

Peter (founder) has been a fan of Africa since 2000 after he had travelled all around the world. He wanted other people to experience Africa the same way as he did. That’s why he founded More Of Africa where Peter will handpick destinations and arrange the perfect Africa trips.

The goal

The old website had missing pages, an old design and old content. Peter wanted something fresh that could last for a few years. More visuals and less text. Because in what other way can you capture the beauty of Africa better than in pictures?



I did a lot of research because I didn’t want to end up like an average travel website. I wanted to show the people very specific information about their potential trip so that they could already experience the trip a little bit on the website. That’s why we choose to create a separate page for each tour, destination and experience. After a few months we ended up with this beautiful Africa website. Peter received a lot of positive feedback already, and I’m also really proud of this one.

Destinations overview

This is on the 3 overview pages where the users can see a visual overview of all the potential destinations they can travel to. There is a page beneath all those pages with more information about and photography.

Book a trip here

The final bookings page where people can fill in their preferences to get more information about a specific trip. This form is connected to Peter’s email so he will automatically get a notification when somebody fills out the form.

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