MK Photography

A portfolio for a photographer



The client

Mirjam Kesting is a Netherlands based photographers who specialises in children portraits. She is knows in her area for not manipulating the shapes in each face in Photoshop and loves to show the natural beauty in people.

The goal

Mirjam’s old website had a lot of pages with very little information on it. Therefor the users had to click a lot in order to get the information they wanted. Therefor the goal of the redesign was to create an experience for the users just by scrolling. So that everything could be easily accessed from the home page.



The result of the website was a home page where the users can get a preview of everything that Mirjam has to offer. There are individual pages, but they act more as an extra for the main home page experience. Also, the new design is darker and the pictures are bigger, which puts more focus on her work.

Full screen menu

Since this website has a modern design I implemented one of the newest menu designs: a full screen menu. The full screen menu opens on desktop and mobile and puts the whole focus on where the user wants to go.

The portfolio gallery

In this gallery the client can easily add photos to the specific categories without my involvement.

Discover other projects

The old website of Inside Rotterdam was made with old software and looked outdated. The owner Andre wanted me to create a refreshing design and clean up the website on the back-end. He also wanted more focus on the magazine itself, since the old website only focussed on the blogposts.
The goal of the website was to create a place where job seekers could get all the information they needed in order to get a job. Questions as: “How do I present myself to a company?” or “How much should I get paid?” should be answered on this website.