Jobbird career website

A career website for job seekers



The client

Jobbird is a company that helps young people in the Netherlands find a job. They have been a major player in this market for many years.

The goal

The goal of the website was to create a place where job seekers could get all the information they needed in order to get a job. Questions as: “How do I present myself to a company?” or “How much should I get paid?” should be answered on this website.



This resulted in a big post driven website with lots of articles and archive pages, so that the users can easily find the information they were looking for. I used the already established visual brand identity of Jobbird to design the whole website, which worked out really well.

Single article design

In this example you can see a typical article where a question is answered. On the left of the article the users can explore other categories and there are also related articles in the bottom.

A tip article

This is another kind of article which is focussed on giving job seekers quick tips. In the bottom you can see other related articles as well.

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