Inside Rotterdam website

A populair local magazine



The client

Inside Rotterdam is one of the most populair magazines of the city of Rotterdam. It’s the ultimate city-guide for tourists, business people, experts and locals.

The goal

The old website of Inside Rotterdam was made with old software and looked outdated. The owner Andre wanted me to create a refreshing design and clean up the website on the back-end. He also wanted more focus on the magazine itself, since the old website only focussed on the blogposts.



First I exported all pages of the old website, then I started looking at what elements were nessecary and which were not. Then I created new sketches, made the design 2020 proof and made sure there was more focus on the magazine itself. This resulted in a complete content website including the webshop for the magazine subscription. I’m really happy with the result and the client was super happy too.

The blog single page

Probably the most viewed page on the website. This page is a template page, which means that all the blogposts will have the same design and layout. This makes it easy for my client to add blogposts and easy for me to adjust the design in the future. A fun extra: I’ve used the new sharing features on this blogpost, which means that you can share this blogpost via Whatsapp on your phone.

Magazines overview page

This page didn’t exist on the old website. So I wanted to have more attention to all the hard work the Inside team had put out, so I designed a page where they could show off all the magazines that they launched. This page was also designed to be dynamic, meaning that the client can easily add a new magazine in Wordpress when there is one.

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