Adrianmotion website

A filmmakers portfolio



The client

AdrianMotion is the company of Adrian van Gorsel, a passionate filmmaker from Sealand in The Netherlands. He has been making video’s professionally since 2018.

The goal

Adrian wanted a modern and visual website with a rough touch. He needed a visual website that had enough room to show off his own footage and portfolio items. He also wanted to be able to easily add and edit the website himself.



The website turned out as a nice one-pager where you can view everything in 1 long scroll. This makes it very easy for Adrian’s clients since they don’t have to search for the important content. We chose to go with black for the foundational colour, which we mixed with white and light green to make it readable but also give it that filmish Hollywood look.

Personal video section

Adrian also wanted to include a personal video on the website, where he could tell his story and show his storytelling skills at the same time.

Workflow section

We also added a little workflow part to take away some questions that his clients often are asking.

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